T.S. Williams

The Syracuse Deception is out!

My first kindle book is out. I am surprised by how much I enjoyed writing it.

I first got the writing bug years ago, but real life got in the way. Finally with Amazon’s who system, new authors like me can introduce their work to a wide audience fast.

The Syracuse Deception at Amazon.co.uk

The Syracuse Deception at Amazon.com


The great nations are divided and unprepared.
A mysterious message leads Commander Magnus to undertake a perilous journey with his eclectic crew. He was once a man on the march, now he’s a washed-up Commander who hasn’t quite given up on his dreams.
Rescuing an old Battlecruiser from the junkyard, their unsanctioned mission will involve high stakes and furious combat. Has Dreadnought still got what it takes?
Magnus must forge an uneasy alliance with the ruthless Admiral Hecate. Both must give up long held secrets to try to prevent an interstellar incident.
The tense final battle, inside the turbulent atmosphere of a gas giant, will expose the Syracuse Deception.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited. Expose the deception.



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