T.S. Williams

The Syracuse Deception – Characters

Security code accepted.

Code name – Agent Athena

Intelligence Service Eyes only – Classified Operation Spectrum

True Identity – Diana Fargo

Employment – Intelligence Officer

Nationality – Subject of the Laurentian Star Kingdom (LSK)

Born – 3936 in White Spire City on the Kingdom’s Capital world, Avalon.

Skills & Education

Psy-talented, unarmed combat, crack shot, spycraft, cyber-warfare, zero-gravity agility.

Alumni of the Psy Guard Academy (class of 3956) and the Royal Intelligence Institute (classified)

Current Assignment

Her latest assignment is a long term exfiltration mission. She must recover a “package” from the Syracuse Principality, deep inside Lakedaemon space. Discovery by Officials of the Lakedaemian Empire could cause a diplomatic incident. Something the LSK can ill afford.

At the start of The Syracuse Deception in 3991, her return journey is brutally interrupted.


Fargo is used to working alone. She has little time for teams or leaders. She gets the job done, no matter the cost to her or others.


In The Syracuse Deception, you get to see how unrelenting Agent Athena can be and the toll it takes on her.

****Polite notice from the Laurentian Intelligence Service.****

All Intelligence personnel are reminded wipe their mind’s eye of classified material before operational deployment.

Order 112/3878 from the Office of the Intelligence Commissioner.

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