T.S. Williams

The Syracuse Deception – Characters

Security code accepted.

Name – Jack Armstrong

Intelligence Service Eyes only – Classified Operation Spectrum

Employment – High Guard Orbital Paratrooper (Rank – Corporal)

Nationality – Subject of the Laurentian Star Kingdom (LSK)

Born – 3933 in the town of Oban, Hiburnian Highlands on the Kingdom’s Capital world, Avalon.

Skills & Education – unarmed combat, crack shot, aerospace assault tactics, zero-gravity agility.

Alumni of  Pegasus Training Company  (class of 3953)

Current Assignment

Jack Armstrong is assigned to Thor Station, officially the High Guard’s reserve fleet yards. It’s a scrap heap for more than just ships. The whole crew consists of personnel too important to get rid of but unwanted by the High Guard Command.

At the start of The Syracuse Deception in 3991, he returns to front line duty.


Armstrong is short for a Paratrooper. Those that underestimate him soon regret doing so. As previous performance reviews have noted “When bored he can be unruly, when in battle, he’s unstoppable.”

Armstrong has been up for promotion on a number of occasions. His inability to avoid trouble has ensured it’s never quite gone through.

He’s an intelligent man who hides it under a facade of insolence. Armstrong’s  only known weaknesses are his dislike of flying and a tendency to mischief if left to his own devices.


In The Syracuse Deception, Armstrong and his Troopers are sent into danger repeatedly. No matter the odds, he leads from the front and won’t stop fighting until he’s won or he’s dead.

****Polite notice from the Laurentian Intelligence Service.****

All Intelligence personnel are reminded wipe their mind’s eye of classified material before operational deployment.

Order 112/3878 from the Office of the Intelligence Commissioner.

****Impolite notice to Corporal Armstrong****

1 – Stop reading your own personnel record. It’s about you, not for you.

2 – I know it was you, Jack. Put back what you’ve taken and I won’t shoot you out an airlock.

Commander Magnus, Tor Station


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